What is the best time to study

Study time means the time when it is easy to concentrate. That time of the day which helps you memorize and retain with ease. There have been many studies which have come forth with different results, given below are a few observations regarding this phenomenon.

Some studies show that Mornings between 8 am and 12noon is the best time for works like problem-solving, maths, report writing etc. Mid Day between 12 noon and 2 pm one should go for things like movement oriented tasks eg: filing away paperwork, and doing errands. Music and art can also be practised during this period. From 2 pm to 6 pm is the best time for subjects like literature, and history etc.

But nothing is a set pattern. Some of us can concentrate more during the night, daytime and the surroundings bring in quite a lot of distractions. The activities going on all around can be very disturbing and attention seeking. Some of us find the peace and the quiet of the night very relaxing and helpful in making the brain absorb what it is provided with, whereas some others may find the night scary.

There are some people who can concentrate better with music playing, but I’m sure I would get carried away by the lyrics instead of by what is written in the books. Thus studying and concentrating on your studies is an absolutely personal choice.

There is no general rule; for some, the morning is peaceful for others the chirping of the birds can be very annoying similarly whereas some can concentrate at night some find it scary to keep awake in the darkness.

According to some studies in the mornings are better for declarative tasks which mean our ability to recall exact details like dates, names, facts etc. In the afternoon our brain works better at semantic memory which means our ability to use integrated information. Thus mornings are better for memorizing and afternoons better for using and applying it. And for some, it’s the quiet and peace of the darkness at night that is best to concentrate.

So study time varies from person to person and should not be generalized. Because that will do more harm than good it will waste a person’s time and not bring out results. Thus whatever time we choose it should depend on our personal liking, because rules and studies do not know about our living circumstances, what kind of life we lead and what kind of surroundings we are living in.

A person living in America cannot understand our living conditions nor can we understand there.  In India the morning time for studies normally means 4o clock in the morning. In fact we have been following that tradition till recently but now we prefer keeping awake till 4 in the morning rather than getting up at 4 am that is because the present social scenario is such that we can ward away our sleep and do online studies etc till 4 in the morning then call it a day and go to sleep getting up refreshed after 4 hours. But there still are people who go to bed early and get up early.

So it’s all a personal choice. Everything depends on psychological and social conditions. What is important is that we should be able to concentrate? When and how is not so important?

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