What should you study to become an Engineering Professional

Engineering is a technological field and Maths is the most important subject for taking up this profession.  In addition, Biology, Algebra, Calculus, Chemistry and Computer Science are the other musts.

Engineering is a profession which uses mathematical principles as a means of providing comforts for the human race, engineers build houses, and they build bridges. They also make important medical equipment. They deal with every aspect of a person’s life. It is an engineer who has worked hard at discovering how to make your feeding bottle, your pram your tricycle and your motorbike.

There are many types of engineers, (a) chemical engineers, (b) mechanical engineers; (c) mining engineers, (d) civil engineers, (e) metallurgical engineers etc and they are all somehow connected to our daily lives. There are genetic engineers who work towards bettering the quality of a particular agricultural product or who try to see what causes certain genetic diseases. This field requires one to take up microbiology or biochemistry for further studies.

The main qualities that an engineer has are excellent analytical abilities and the ability to go into the details of pros and cons of a products success or failure and for this it is Maths which is important. Maths teaches one to be able to analyse and pin point the various characteristics of a product. In addition engineers should have the ability to work in a team, they have to have good communication skills, and they should be able to explain to their team members what they want, they should be able to convince their superiors.

When we see a list of the various fields of engineering we find that maths is at the core of all be it computer engineering, civil, engineering or what not. Only genetic engineering seems to deviate from this path and makes biology, microbiology and biochemistry as the base, but together with physics and chemistry. So we can sum up that Maths is the most important subject when we want to study engineering.  Do you aspire to become an engineer?  What are your thoughts about engineering?

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