Why do boys tend to skip exams

The only reasons why students tend to skip exams are that they feel they are not adequately prepared and rather than get poor marks they prefer to skip exams.

Now the question is why is it that its boys who skip exams and not girls and if girls do such a thing it is sporadic.

Well, the actual reasons why boys take risks is because they are more confident and are better at taking risks.

More confident and better at taking risks sounds contrary to each other but what I mean is they are more optimistic that they will do better next time, so they take the risk of skipping exams.

Moreover, they take their own decisions; they do not involve parents in everything they do, so they don’t have to wait for their approval, they do what they want to as for girls they believe in letting parents know about their decisions. Maybe for fear of having to face the consequences later on, but boys are not worried about facing parents wrath as far as they feel it suits them, they go ahead.

Parents too tend to be stricter with girls than with boys whatever the reason, maybe they know that boys will do what they please. In other words, parents tend to impose their decisions on girls who by nature are timider and also obedient.

These reasons given above show the positive side of why boys tend to skip exams that is because they want to improve and they are confident that they will.

The other reason which is more frightening and worrying as a social problem is the fact that they cannot take rejection. They don’t want to see themselves defeated or less than others, so they tend to skip exams and instead of preparing to improve they fall into bad company, and choose a wrong path as their career. They want to be the best, why not in crime which is a more natural way out.B ut they don’t realise that though it may be a more natural way out it can get you into tough situations later on and by the time they accomplish this it becomes too late.

The responsibility lies with parents who should try and instil into the minds of their sons that it’s okay if they do not get good marks but they should take their exams if as nothing else then at least to fathom their performance, where do they stand among their peers.

But like always parenting is a tough job and the path has to be treading upon with caution.

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