Why Do Engineers Opt For An MBA

There are just two reasons for this; one from the student’s point of view and the other from the employer’s point of view.

The student finds that engineers are coming up in scores and that a BE or BTech is the same as a BA or BSC or even a BCom so finding himself in the same boat he thinks of bettering his qualifications and discovers that an MBA is the best thing to happen to anyone especially to engineer. An MBA from a good B school is the topmost professional degree and if the base is an engineering degree then there is nothing better. The pay that an engineer gets in comparison to an MBA is even less than peanuts. So with a good engineering base which fulfils many of the requirements of an MBA like good maths and good analysing capacity the engineer is all set to take up the job market.

Coming to the employer’s point of view, he requires an MBA, who is better than the others and his search comes to an end when he finds an MBA with an engineering background. Because engineers have some traits which are so important for any activity concerning business dealings these traits are the desire to find out things, applied creativity, maths skills, mechanical skills, problem-solving skills and leadership skills. It is said that an employer does not want only the evaluation of his company he wants to know if the numbers make sense in the terms of other realities. This is what an MBA is actually required to do. Think critically, and MBAs are taught to do this,  and if the MBA is one with an engineering background then he is all the more capable of thinking critically, and analyzing So why not employ a BE, MBA instead of a plain MBA.

This suit, the employer gets two personnel in the pay of one while the engineer gets a pay packet he would never have got as an engineer. To be more precise, there are a lot of engineers who are still in search of good jobs; an MBA adds value to his 4 hours of intense course. As said, most employers prefer MBA’s to take up the companies responsibility of product jobs, marketing jobs, analytics jobs etc.,

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