Why do girls fear exams and not boys

Why only exams? girls fear nearly everything that has a social impact, the reason behind this is centuries old conditioning of being singled out of being rebuked, being singled out and made fun of if they fail. The age-old fears put into their mind that they are the weaker sex that they are supposed to play roles different than boys. Studies are for boys, they are boys domain so why are girls trying to do that which they are not made for, which they are not capable of lack of ability versus lack of effort. They should learn cooking, dancing music in other words things which they are supposed to be made for. Whereas studying, riding, trekking is tougher things and made for boys.

It is common that if both a girl and a boy fail in the same exam the girl is made to believe that it is her lack of ability ( meaning she is not capable ) which is responsible whereas a boy is told that it his lack of effort( meaning he is capable but has not tried). Therefore when a girl fails she it hurts her self-respect and that is why she is more scared of failure.

Similarly, a girl doesn’t want to be singled out and made fun of in public nor does her self-respect like it when people sympathize with her she guesses the underlying insult, something like “what if you have failed? You are not a boy you are not made for this, we will show them when you will stand first in cooking … or singing…etc”

And the most important reason is the modern girls attempt at achieving all the desire and need to prove to the world that she is not the weaker sex. She wants to prove that she can do all that her male counterpart can do. She has achieved this goal but still, the age-old conditioning is there, and her first reaction is to protect herself. This is the reason why she fears exams more than the boys do.

It may be often, that she may be the topper but before the exams, she is the more frightened one. She is scared not of her failure but of the humiliation she will have to face. But, now a day’s girls are getting more independent, they are able to face the world and its challenges where a part of it is the ‘exams’, though fear engulfs them, they are successful. Do you agree on this point? Being a girl are you still scared of exams? We would like to hear from you.

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