Why Do Parents Fear During Exams

It has been noticed that once February arrives the exam fever grips the whole country. Not only children but also parents seem to fall into the clutches of the demon called Exam Fever.

  1. A. Children are scared of
  2. Under preparation
  3. Failing in the exam
  4. Not getting good grades
    4. Failing to qualify for entrance exams
    5. Ashamed to face friends
  5. Ashamed to face society
  6. Worried that they may not be able to fulfil their parent’s expectations
  1. The same fears grip the parents too

They are worried that their child may be underprepared for the exam and either fail or get less marks thus not being able to compete in the various entrance exams and not fulfilling their dreams of a particular career chart.

  1. In addition to these, the other factors that worry parents during the exams are those involving the welfare of their child.
  2. Is he nervous?
  3. Is he well prepared?
  4. Will he get through with good grades?
  5. Sometimes the parents get worried about the physical and mental health of the child. They find their children not being able to sleep properly or eat properly some children in their nervousness start vomiting.

A sane bit of advice to parents is that it is they who are responsible for all the above-mentioned facts. It is their attitude and behavior which creates that entire scary atmosphere during the exams Scary for both the children as well as them. A change in their own attitude towards life and exams will completely change the present scenario and life pattern as well,

First and foremost parents should stop putting so much strain on their children to achieve good marks. Not everyone can be a topper someone has to come second. A particular profession is not the end of the world.  In these modern times with the advent of multinationals job opportunities are increasing by leaps and bounds.

In addition, all parents should follow some of the following points

  1. Before the exams let your child make a good timetable for studies and follow and see to it that he follows it
  2.  Help the child in revision studies
  3. Supply good and wholesome food to the child so he does not fall ill
  4. See to it that the child gets proper and sufficient rest

Please understand that each child is unique and what is good for others need not be good for him too. So let him select his own his career do not force your ambitions on him.

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