Why do some students dislike Maths

And they are not worried about that either. You will find innumerable parent who worry their heads off if their child does not like Maths (as if they had liked it in their student life) But the child is not so worried because he knows he is not alone in the bandwagon and he also knows that geometry, Trigonometry, and Algebra are not going to play any role in his life unless of course, he wants to become a Mathematician or an Engineer.

I have found so many children who very proudly denounce two things or rather announce their hatred for them Maths and Milk. Maths!!!! NO, I can’t and Milk yuk I hate it. Their hatred for milk you can rectify by making milkshakes or adding different flavors to it but Maths!!!  What do you do for that?

First, let’s see why they hate Maths.

I presume because they cannot understand it (I had that problem) not every brain has the aptitude for maths, not every person is a left-brainer (that’s the side which is dominant in Maths lovers). Sadly neither parents nor teachers understand this, they expect that the child should understand what they want him to.

The Maths teacher feels or even the 40-year-old parent who is teaching his 10-year-old child feels that what is so difficult about  2+2= 4? But he forgets is that it is not the 2+2 which is difficult as it is the 2(a+b)= 2a+2b that’s beyond the child ’s comprehension. Moreover, the poor child is worried about the usefulness of 2(a+b) how does it affect his life?  So this is the next reason which alienates the child from the subject. It’s usefulness in life.

The two mentioned above are the most important and common reasons why a child hates maths. How can we solve this problem?  we should discuss this because maybe there is a Michael Faraday or a Thomas Edison   among them .( these were scientists who hated maths an had a lot of problem explaining their  theories  to the world  Faraday  did not know the maths needed to back up his theories and explain them to the world  so his “electromagnetic radiation theory” was ignored to be resurrected 18 years later by James Clerk Maxwell  and Edison recruited maths geniuses to work out his mathematical, calculations for him ).

We should make maths more interesting and comprehensible to create interest in it.And most importantly we should not denounce the child who is weak in Maths his other talents should be appreciated and encouraged. The general attitude that only a child who is efficient in Maths is intelligent should be removed and done away with; this will reduce the general dropout rate from maths classes. Children will take interest in it just as they take interest in dance and music in spite of not being excellent in them. A child does not pull himself away from a music class, he likes to go and sit there and enjoy even if he is not a musical wizard.

If that tag of a child being good in maths is more intelligent than others is the most harmful verdict maths lovers give because it leads to a frustration and a dislike for the subject by the children concerned and pulls them away from it. Do you love Maths? Or do you hate Maths?

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