Why should children join clubs in schools

Some parents think that joining clubs and programmes in school is a waste of time and should be avoided. Sadly this used to be the feeling for the NCC, (National Cadet Corps) too. Thankfully the government in their endeavour to popularise the NCC introduced programmes like free snacks after the class and grace marks in the exams this made parents develop a positive attitude towards joining these organisations.

Apart from this, they have also realised that severe and regular attendance in NCC activities not only helps their children acquire many essential life-skills like endurance, self-help, teamwork, collaboration, communication, social responsibility and patriotism but can also open doors to many careers. If the candidate from the NCC has received the NCC’C’ certificate, he can bypass the UPSC examination and appear directly at the Service Selection Board interview and join the National Defence Academy.

Scouts and Guides and Cubs and Bulbuls are two such programmes run by the Govt of India in schools  which teaches the elderly and spending time with them giving them love and careful reading to them, cleaning their rooms and belongings, writing letters for them or just spending time listening to children to interact with less privileged children and help them. Many groups of scouts and guides and cubs an bulbuls have contributed a lot towards building roads in villages, repairing the homes of the villagers and teaching them advanced methods of agriculture, animal care and poultry keeping.

There have been instances where when these children finish their camps and are about to return an emotional barrage breaks open there are scenes of children hugging each other, crying unashamedly at having to depart .with a feeling of love and affection for fellow humans irrespective of caste creed and social status.

These Social service activities are a must because they not only help inculcate a sense of shouldering responsibilities of social value, but it also helps change the attitude of some snobbish children, they learn what it is to be helpful and down to earth, and a feeling of patriotism and social awareness creep into their mind and heart making changes for the better.

Also, there are Interact, groups, cultural clubs which help the children become more interactive, compassionate active and socially aware. These children when they grow become the real human beings who are the backbone and support system of a society of human beings with humanitarian values in an otherwise deteriorating organisation seeking material comforts and devoid of all humanity. This is one of the reasons why summer camps are being organised – so that the child may learn better things which are so crucial for his emotional, social and Physical growth.

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