Why understanding lessons is important

Understanding lessons is always important, be it a lesson from the book of life or a lesson from the text books in school.

Our teachers always ask us to pay attention in class and listen to what they are saying because that makes it easy for us to remember later on, while preparing for exams or even during exams.

If we pay attention in class then learning the answers also becomes easy. If we understand the lessons, then while writing answers we need not learn the points by heart, if we have understood a lesson them we can expand on it in our own words, we can put in examples from our own experiences and make the answers look interesting whereas if we don’t understand the lesson then we have to learn answers written by others and try and reproduce them in our answer papers during exams.

The examiner or teacher sees the difference between an answer written by us after understanding the lesson or by learning answers written by others and then gives marks.  If we have understood a lesson whether in class or by self study at home then answering a question becomes easy, but learning someone else’s words and reproducing it is very difficult .You miss a word and the whole answer changes.

Apart, from this if we have understood our lesson then it is very helpful in higher classes too; we can go ahead in our lives and decide about what career to choose. By understanding a lesson we understand ourselves, what suits our likings what does not, we can then decide for ourselves what career will suit us. Many a times it happens that our parents want us to select a particular subject, and frame our life’s career according to that subject and we do that we listen to them and make our choice according to their wishes, ignorant of the fact that we are not made for that career, as a result we face failures in life, we are never satisfied and a feeling of frustration takes over. This would not have happened had we understood our lessons taught in school, had we understood our curriculum, our books and would have discovered our own potential

Thus to sum up we can again repeat; understanding lessons is always important, be it a lesson from the book of life or a lesson from the text books in school. Because a lesson understood is a big hurdle crossed in life it leads us to a better future. A lesson understood is one’s own self understood it makes it easier for us to prepare ourselves to face life. It makes it easier to decide what should be our career according to our own choice not according to or parents choice we know our likes and dislikes better.

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