Why writing in points help

Writing in points is the best way to answer a question for the simple reason it makes it very easy for the examiner or the reader to understand and absorb what the topic is all about. If we write in paragraphs then the person may tend to overlook an important point.

For students to understanding a topic is easy when the important information is given in points eg the dates of battles etc in history are easy to memorize if given in chronological order. People used to underline important points in their answers but this used to make the answer sheet get a very dirty and clumsy look. The same points written one by one in chronological order one under the other look neat and are easy o the eye too.

Writing in points helps him too. He can refer back and forth and check if he has missed any points by just glancing at the answer but if the answer is written in paragraphs then he has to read and reread searching for the points. This can be a lot of waste of time and energy.

Writing in points also makes an answer short and crisp. No mincing of words, no beating about the bush the whole answer put in a nutshell.

If one is writing an essay or if the answer required has to be like an essay then it is absolutely fine to elaborate and write big answers but when facts and points are to be put brevity is the order of the day.  Especially in exams, no examiner has the strength to read big answers discussing the same points, in at least 50 answer papers. He is glad to see an answer sheet which has all the points in serial order with a few lines describing and elaborating each point written along and everything neatly clubbed and presented.

This must be the reason why all important political events are written in points and we have the  10 point program or the 29 point program etc and so on and so forth program why even God put the ten commandments in points because he wanted Moses to understand them easily and implement them smoothly without any confusion.

If it is an essay then the matter is different there it is the language and its presentation which is being judged so a person can indulge in flowery language, using metaphors, idioms, phrases but otherwise care should be taken to be to the point precise and neat.

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