Writing As A Career In India

For the average writer, however talented he may be the first thing he has to find is a publisher then he has to see to the sales and finally he reaches a state where he can think of earning through royalty. The stages from which a writer can think of earning are

Advance and Royalty—a writer becomes capable of getting an advance only after he becomes famous or if he succeeds in cajoling the publisher in giving some to him Royalty does not come your way easily and even when it does come your way it starts with a 7.5 % of the cost of the book.  Translation rights payment received by the author if he gives the translation rights to someone who pays him a lump sum.

The same as translation rights are the overseas rights Film rights etc he sells the rights of his book to a film producer for a certain amount which remains static even if the movie becomes a roaring success. But there are options which entitle a writer to get royalty over the sale of his books even after he does sell them to various agencies but on different terms and conditions which entitle him to receive payment on the sale and success of his books.

But in India writing is not a very lucrative profession until you either become very famous or you don’t have to worry about your bread and butter. You have a fairly comfortable and affluent background which can sustain you until you become a very established and famous personality. This is the reason why most writers have another profession to fall back on and do writing side by side.

For the new writer there is also a new difficulty and that is they have to search for publishers and even after they get a publisher and the book is published they have to do the marketing of the book which requires a lot of money to spend on media persons, to organize a launch of the book, people are required to travel a lot for promoting their books and the biggest problem these days is that very few people buy books these days. So writers instead of depending on the sale and success of their work prefer to sell the rights and get whatever they can at the beginning itself may be the book will become a big success but then they will not have any rights over the royalty.

The picture is not as bleak as it is appearing here but the fact remains that in India you have to struggle until you become an established and famous writer to be able to call it your profession. Do you aspire to become a renowned writer, it’s not too late. Click here for the list of universities you can apply to.

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