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Welcome to Auston
Auston’s academic division is made up of a team of full-time and adjunct lecturers who are committed to the planning and controlled development of all academic activities.
The academic division prides itself as being innovative and aims to offer a wide range of industry related diploma and degree level courses which have been designed to stimulate and challenge ambitious minds as well as prepare students for managerial and specialist roles in the industry.
Increasingly, the division is exploring new methods of bringing knowledge to students. The institution’s technology strategy will support the increasing use of computers and the internet as a medium of learning. The new Auston website has been designed to progressively assist students with their studies as well as support their administrative needs.
I encourage you to browse through our pages and to visit those areas that are of particular interest to you. I am confident that you will come to appreciate the diversity of the courses that we offer, and the commitment of our academic staff to meeting the needs of our students.
Corporate Mission
To provide a value added education for high workplace relevance.
Corporate Vision
To be the preferred education provider in the Asia Pacific region.
Our Core Values
  • Integrity = Trust and Responsibility
  • Creativity in our approach
  • Dedication to our Students Success
Why Choose Auston?
  • Auston is international in scope. We have links with internationally accredited and recognised universities across the globe.
  • Auston’s educational philosophy is holistic. It aims to integrate career education with family life.
  • Auston’s open learning delivery system is designed to enhance social and career mobility.
  • We take as much pride in our students as we do in our pursuit of academic excellence.
  • Graduates of Auston’s Diploma and Advanced Diploma programs may apply for exemptions from the U.K.’s Coventry University.
Coventry University
Coventry University, a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), has a long tradition as a provider of education in United Kingdom. It can trace its roots as far back as Coventry College of Design in 1843.
Coventry University is not cocooned in a world of its own, ignoring outside influences, but knows how to take advantage of the expertise on its doorstep. The University plays a leading role in industrial liaison and has established dynamic working partnerships with business, industries and organisations in both public and private sectors.
The University has worked closely with renowned multinational companies such as Jaguar, British Telecom, Ford and Nokia. These links have positively shaped the design of the courses and resulted in its qualifications gaining increasing recognition among company managers, thereby improving the job prospects of our graduates.
Through such collaboration, Coventry University has also established itself as a forward-looking and modern university that provides industry-linked, career-focused programmes.
Coventry University is deeply committed to equal opportunities initiatives, innovations in study, internationalism, our open-door policy for people from all walks of life.
Learning Facilities
Auston Institute of Management & Technology is equipped with the necessary infrastructure and training facilities to deliver our associated universities’ programs via structured and directed open learning methods. Occupying a total area of about 16,000 square feet, Auston’s city campus houses the training and administrative facilities of the Faculty of Business and Communication, and the Faculty of Computing and Technology.
Our Classrooms and Lecture Theatrettes are equipped with:
  • Teaching aid such as whiteboard and flip-chart
  • Over-head projector and screen
  • Audio sound system for classroom presentation
Our Engineering and Computer laboratories are equipped with:
  • Computers installed with relevant softwares for educational learning
  • Multisim Electronics Workbench Educational Packages
  • Digital Oscilloscopes, Signal Generators and multi-meters
  • Digital Signal Processing starter kits
  • Annually, Auston’s academic and administrative staffs facilitate approximately 1,500 students in the reading of undergraduate and graduate qualifications awarded by internationally recognized universities and professional bodies.
Quality Procedures
How does Auston ensure quality?
Quality is something that Auston does not take lightly. While we set our standards to be reasonably achievable by our students, this does not mean that we allow quality standards to lapse
Austons programmes regularly undergo several audits a semester. Some of them are detailed below:
Our programmes are written and vetted by senior academic staff both from Coventry University and local academic institutions like NTU and NUS.
Our Planning
Before running a course, we have to identify the topics and desired learning outcomes of each module. These are usually provided by the accrediting university but in our case, we insist that we develop our own material that is equivalent to the universities but is localized for our regional relevance. These are then looked over and approved by the University.
How We Conduct
Each module has assignments and exam papers that are set long before students even see them. Prior to term commencement, we develop questions and exam papers that are sent to External Examiners (see below) from third-party universities. The External Examiner will spend time reviewing each of the papers and returning them with comments and recommendations. If the papers are too easy or too difficult, he/she will suggest modifying them upwards or downwards accordingly. This ensures that any papers that are taken at Auston are of the same standard as they are in the UK. This process is normally conducted between universities.
Answering to External Examiners
To ensure further quality, External Examiners from third-party universities and invited to review and audit the programme. Besides the above mentioned audits of assignments and exam papers, they also attend Exam Boards.
Justifying Our Students at Exam Boards
Exam boards are conducted at the end of every term to moderate Results to benchmark the students performance against the overall cohort. They review student-submitted assignments and completed exam papers and decide if a student deserves to pass or fail. In this board of academics, they also confer the University awards of Bachelors and Masters and their corresponding level of Honours.
Learning from Boards of Studies
At the end of each term you go for term break but we keep working. Our Dean, Lecturers and Tutors gather and discuss the events of the last term and what improvements we can make for the future. We insist that we learn from our mistakes but continue to develop our programmes for the future.
Academic Advisory Council
To make sure that we are teaching up to date material and delivering courses that can rival national standards, we have an Academic Advisory Committee that advises our courses and our syllabi. They advise everything from course details, syllabus, lecturing, and lecturer training.
Hostel facilities
Auston offers separate boarding & lodging facilities for men and women. The facilities are customized to suit every need and budget. The Hostels have 24 hrs Wi-Fi connectivity.
Insurance details
Health Insurance
Once you arrive in Singapore, you are covered under the following plans:
Group Hospital and Surgical Insurance
This is an expense reimbursement plan that helps to reduce the financial burden on the family in event of you being hospitalized. We will reimburse the following eligible expenses incurred according to the compensation limits set out in the Benefits Schedule.
Group Personal Accident Insurance
This insurance plan will pay a lump sum benefit when the Insured Member sustains accidental bodily injury listed in the attached Schedule of Benefits. Bodily injury must be injury caused solely and directly by accident only within 12 months from the date of such accident.

Bachelors Degree
Category : Other Arts Subjects
Degree : B.A.
Mode : Full Time
Medium : Regular
Level : UG

Bachelors Full track: Three- year Full Time Program Member of Association of Coventry University, UK Duration: 3 year Eligibility: 10th completed with exp or 12th completed Course Fees : 29,888.28 SGD Bachelors Final year Top up : One year Full time program Member of Association of Coventry University, UK Duration: 8-12 months Eligibility: 3 yrs Diploma completed Course Fees : 16,609.40 SGD Specialization: Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Programs: BA (Hons) Business Administration BA (Hons) Business & Marketing BA (Hons) Business & Human Resource Management BA (Hons) Business & Resort Management BA (Hons) Business & Retail Management BA (Hons) Business & Enterprise Management BA (Hons) Business & Finance BA (Hons) Logistics Bachelors of Science (Hons) program: BSc (Hons) Computer Science BSc (Hons) Network & Mobile Computing Bsc (Hons) Engineering Business Management BSc (Hons) Business Information Technology Bachelors of Engineering(Hons) program : BEng (Hons) Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE) BEng (Hons) Computer Networking & Communications Technology (CNCT)

Category : Business Administration
Degree : MBA
Mode : Full Time
Medium : Regular
Level : PG

Two- year Full Time Program Member of Association of Coventry University, UK Specialization: 1. MBA International Business 2. MBA Engineering Management 3. MBA Information Technology Management 4. MBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management

PG Diploma
Category : Other Management Diploma Courses
Degree : Diploma
Mode : Full Time
Medium : Regular
Level : Diploma

One- year Full Time Program Member of Association of Coventry University, UK Specialization: 1. PG Diploma International Business 2. PG Diploma Engineering Management 3. PG Diploma Information Technology Management 4. PG Diploma Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Advanced Diploma
Category : Other Management Diploma Courses
Degree : Diploma
Mode : Full Time
Medium : Regular
Level : Diploma

One- year Full Time Program Member of Association of Coventry University, UK Specialization : 1. Advanced Diploma in Business Administration 2. Advanced Diploma in Business and Marketing 3. Advanced Diploma in Business and Human Resource Management 4. Advanced Diploma in Business and Resort Management 5. Advanced Diploma in Business and Retail Management 6. Advanced Diploma in Business and Enterprise Management 7. Advanced Diploma in Business and Finance 8. Advanced Diploma in Computing and Networking 9. Advanced Diploma in Logistics 10. Advanced Diploma in Engineering Business Management 11. Advanced Diploma in Business Information Technology 12. Advanced Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Category : Others Diploma Engineering Courses
Degree : Diploma
Mode : Full Time
Medium : Regular
Level : Diploma

One- year Full Time Program Member of Association of Coventry University, UK Specialization : 1. Diploma in Business 2. Diploma in Computing and Networking 3. Diploma in Engineering Business Management 4. Diploma in Business Information Technology 5. Diploma in Computers, Electronics and Communications


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