DC School of Management and Technology – [DCSMAT] Vegamon, Idukki

About us

In the management education sector in Kerala, DC School of Management and technology stands out with uniqueness as their logo. With shaping and crafting quality educational practices the institute of management has created an unique name for itself all over the country. The DC Kizhekamuri foundation promotes the DCSMAT, the institution is co-promoted by DC Books.

The founder of the DC Books is Dominic Chacko Kizhekumuri (DC). He is a writer, intellectual, freedom fighter and entrepreneur. The publishing company with its unique publishing practices holds the positon of one of the leading publishing companies in India. Before making it to the publishing industry DC began his career as a teacher. By forming DC Books in the year 1974, DC singlehandedly revolutionized the Indian publishing industry.  In the year 2002 with the aim to spread the intellectual pursuits of DC, an institution was set up in Kerala. The main agenda of DCSMAT was to build a B school with unique educational structure. Right now, various management schools are in the run to attain the ranking that we have attained.  

After the successful establishment of MBA program DCSMAT decided to open up undergraduate courses in managements. With a mission to develop students in accordance to the highly competitive market we have a degree in BCom, BBA, and the uniquely positioned ACCA. The institution also has fully functional campuses in Vagamon and Trivandr.


  • The campus has a library
  • It is equipped with a research Centre
  • Community development club
  • DC Quiz Club
  • Arts and yoga club
  • Adventure Club
  • Movie Club
  • Radio DC
  • Marketing and Advertising Club
  • DC Finz


  • Interior design
  • School of Architecture & Design
  • Business school

Courses offered:

  • MBA
  • BA visual arts
  • BBA
  • Bachelor in Architecture
  • B.com

Contact us:

State :  Kerala
Country : India
Contact No : +91 481 2563114
Email : dcsmat@dcbooks.com
Website :


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