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About the Institute

LEAD College of Management is the stand alone MBA institute which accredited with National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). With this achievement, LEAD has become one of the very few prestigious colleges in India which has accomplished this milestone in a short span of 5 years. LEAD is the only one MBA College in Kerala admitting 180 Indian students and aspirants from more than 16 countries.

The unique trait of LEAD is in instilling managerial capabilities in students. It is to leverage student authority and coordination in every action. This marks the effective transition from the budding managers of today to the business leaders of tomorrow. Our management events invoke the student community to set their own course in pursuing their dreams. These events call for interaction of CEO’s and students, whereby students come to learn about success stories and hope to live their tales.

LEAD has a unique way of fostering wholesome growth in students by active learning through managing actual situations. The theoretical knowhow imparted in the classroom environment is reinforced by practical experience gained through students participating in college activities, organizing programmes, conducting training sessions, etc. Strong theoretical and empirically based arguments suggest that learning to manage actually occurs on the job in tacit, culturally embedded ways through peoples’ work practices within organizations, groups, and other communities. At ‘LEAD’ we attempt to provide leadership education that offers a unique and valuable tool that enables students to investigate their personal values, strengths, talents, and shortcomings etc, and to choose a direction for their lives and their place in the world.

LEAD has been quite famous for its working culture and has shot to fame within a short span and has got enlisted along with top IIMs in various B School rankings. LEAD is similar to a family where each member by default has a sense of ownership and responsibility. We believe that through participation in the various processes of the organization, the students will get hands on experience of decision making, responsibility and team building. Hence, at LEAD, students are the owners of various LOTs which have a specific set of responsibilities

LEAD is a student run college. The housekeeping, maintenance, food and beverage, canteen, hospitality, security, accounts keeping, dealing with stakeholders, admission process, induction of students, internships etc are upfront done by the students themselves. The students are also guided by mentors to contribute for social cause and the work is carried out under the guidance of the mentor and directions of Director or Chairman. LEAD students and faculty members are in the forefront, participating in various social movements/ activities which promote citizenship roles. LEAD promises ‘Accelerated Transformation’ by looking far beyond the expectations. In order to surpass the demands of business in the current scenario LEAD endows the students with state- of-the-art theoretical knowledge, innovative and creative practical skills and entrepreneurial attitudes. With the assistance of top quality faculty, knowledge accrued on the courses will be highly transferrable to the world of work.

LEAD has achieved all this under the able leadership of international trainer Dr. Thomas George, (people familiar to him fondly call him The Human Engineer!) who has started this college affiliated to University of Calicut and approved by AICTE, has emerged into a coveted position among the peers within a very short span of time. The students are placed within one month of writing their final semester examinations and therein LEAD College of Management holds a record in placements among all the MBA colleges in Kerala. The National Institute of Personnel Management, the all India body of Personnel Managers has bestowed Mr. Thomas with a prestigious award “BEST INSTITUTION BUILDING” for his devotion and expertise in developing young managers.

Why Join

  • International advisory council
  • Ranked as the 6th Best Emerging B-Schools in India
  • Accredited with NAAC
  • Exclusive centre’s for research, consulting and Publications
  • Outstanding Professors with international exposure
  • Exponentially rewarding learning experiences with multicultural and multilingual learning community
  • Enviable alumni Network
  • Fully residential, Serene and tranquil campus environment close to Dhoni falls in Palakkad, Kerala
  • State- of -the Art infrastructure
Course Offered Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Duration Two years (Full time)
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • HR
  • System
  • International Business

Highest Package – RS. 540000 per annum

Average Package – RS. 250000 per annum

Lowest Package – RS. 180000 per annum


Name LEAD College of Management
Location Olavakode Dhoni Rd, Akathethara
City Palakkad
State Kerala
Country India
Contact No 0491 2503693, 2553663 / +91 9497713693
Email info@lead.ac.in / mail@lead.ac.in
Website www.lead.ac.in


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