Saint Petersburg State University, Russia

Saint Petersburg State University holds the honor of being the alma mater of the Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. It has a history spanning 290 years long and since its inception in 1724 has always functioned continually to be instrumental in bestowing the world with personalities notable in a variety of fields like science,politics,business,sports, literature and art.SPbU was the first Academic University and preparatory school in Russia when it was founded by Peter the great in 1724.SPbU has a rich faculty and alumni including Nobel Prize Winners some of whom are physiologist Ivan Pavlov, biologist Ilya Mechnikov,physical chemist Nikolay Semyonov,physicists Lev Landau and Aleksandr Prokhorov, mathematician and economist Leonid Kantorovich.SPbU has played a key role in shaping the society by producing societal transformers like Dmitry Mendeleev,Vladimir Vernadsky,Dmitry Likhachev, Alexander Blok and Igor Stravinsky to name a few.SPbU Is the proud alma mater of the Russian revolutionary and political theorist Vladimir Lenin who would go on to become a great political ideologist of the 20th century.

SPbU believes in creating a mesh of culture and advanced learning to bring about a long standing impact in influencing education and thus the future. SPbU is usually ranked highly in international university rankings such as Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings, Quacquarelli Symonds World University Rankings, Academic Ranking of World Universities. It has partnered with top universities across the world to enhance the teaching and learning experience at Saint Petersburg State University.

It acts as a fountain of knowledge by providing access to thousands of books and materials at the M.Gorky scientific library, museums, laboratories, publishing houses, sports club, drama and dance studios and what not. SPbU was one of the universities which by the Federal law in 2009 was conferred with the special status of ‘unique scientific and educational complexes…instrumental in the development of the Russian society’. It was vouchsafed with the authority of granting its own diplomas, setting its own standards and so on. SPbU also allocates corporate housing for its academic staff. In addition to all of this, SPbU which lays a huge emphasis on research also supports research activities and comes up with financial solutions with respect to funding research activities in chief branches of science.


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Departments and Courses:

Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Computer Sciences, and Information Sciences

UG Courses: Specialist Courses: Masters Courses:
·      Applied Informatics in Arts and Humanities

·      Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

·      Applied Mathematics, Fundamental Informatics and Programming

·      Applied Physics and Mathematics

·      Electromagnetic and Acoustic Processes

·      Engineering-oriented Physics

·      Mathematics

·      Mathematics, Algorithms and Data Analysis

·      Mathematics and Computer Science

·      Mechanics and Mathematical Modelling

·      Modern Programming

·      Physics

·      Programming and Information Technology

·      Software and Administration of Information Systems

·      Systems Analysis and Applied Computer Technologies

·      Software Engineering


·      Astronomy

·      Fundamental Mathematics

·      Fundamental Mechanics


·      Applied Informatics

·      Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

·      Applied Mathematics and Computer Science in Problems of Medical Diagnosis

·      Applied Physics and Mathematics

·      Business Information Analysis

·      Сontrol Processes of MEGA-Science Facilities

·      Database Technologies

·      Digital Economy

·      Digital Technologies and Systems

·      Distributed Computational Technologies

·      Engineering-oriented Applied Mathematics

·      Mathematical and Information Technologies

·      Mathematical and Information Support of Economic Activity

·      Mechanics and Mathematical Modelling

·      Methods of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science in Control Problems

·      Nuclear Physics and Technologies

·      Operations Research and System Analysis

·      Physics

·      Software and Administration of Information Systems

·      Software Engineering



Natural Sciences

UG Courses: Specialist Courses: Masters Courses:
·      Biology

·      Cartography and Geoinformatics

·      Chemistry

·      Chemistry, Physics and Material Mechanics

·      Ecology and Nature Management

·      Geography

·      Geology

·      Hydrometeorology

·      Petroleum Engineering

·      Real Property Cadastre: Assessment and Information Support

·      Soil Science


·      Dental Medicine

·      General Medicine


·      Bioinformatics

·      Biology

·      Chemistry

·      Ecology. Biodiversity and Nature Protection

·      Economic Geography and Digital Spatial Analytics

·      Fundamental and Applied Aspects of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies

·      Geoecology: Monitoring, Environmental Management and Environmental Safety

·      Geographical Information Mapping

·      Geology

·      Geological Support for Hydrocarbon Reservoirs Development

·      Geophysics

·      Geourbanistics

·      Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology

·      Hydrological Hazards: from Monitoring to Decision Making

·      Molecular Biology and Agrobiotechnology of Plants

·      Physical Oceanography and Bioproductivity of Ocean and Seas (PHOBOS)

·      Search, Exploration and Development of Unconventional Oil and Gas Resources

·      Soil Science

·      Structure, Dynamics and Protection of Landscapes

·      Structural Mineralogy and Materials Science



Economics and Management

UG Courses: Specialist Courses: Masters Courses:
·      Business Informatics

·      Economic and Mathematical Methods

·      Economics

·      Economics (with advanced study of the Economy of China and the Chinese language)

·      International Management (with study of Modern European and Oriental Languages)

·      Management

·      Personnel Management

·      Public Administration

·      Accounting, Analysis, Audit

·      Actuarial Modelling of Financial Operations

·      Applied Macroeconomics, Economic Policy and State Regulation

·      Asian and African Economies and International Economic Relations (with Asian/African language tuition)

·      Business Administration in Digital Economy

·      Company Economics and Economics of Innovative Activities

·      Financial Management

·      Financial Markets and Banks

·      Institutional Analysis of Modern Markets

·      Management of Real Estate Objects and Development of Territories

·      Master in Urban Policy and Management — UPM

·      Mathematical Methods in Economics

·       Organizations Development Management

·      Organisation of Government Relations

·      Risk Management and Insurance

·      Russian and CIS Business in Global Economy

·      Tourist Destination Management



Social Sciences

UG Courses: Specialist Courses: Masters Courses:
·      Advertising and Public Relations

·      Assyriology (Languages, History, and Culture of the Ancient Near East)

·      Conflictology

·      History of Arab Countries (Arabic and Hebrew/ Turkish/ Persian)

·      History of Central Asia (Persian, Turkish, and Tajik/ Uzbek)

·      History of Korea (Korean and Chinese)

·      History of Iran and Afghanistan (Persian, Afghan, and Arabic)

·      International Journalism

·      International Relations

·      Islamic Studies

·      Journalism

·      Law

·      Laws (with Advanced Study of the Chinese Language and the Law of the PRC)

·      Laws (with advanced study of Japanese language and the law of Japan)

·      Organization of Tourist Activities (with Advanced Study of the Chinese Language)

·      Political Science

·      Psychology

·      Russian Studies

·      Social Work

·      Sociology

·      Sociological Research in Digital Society

·      Tourism


·      Clinical Psychology

·      Employment Psychology


·      Advertising and Public Relations

·      American Studies

·      Applied Political Science and Ethnopolitical Processes in Contemporary World

·      Baltic and Nordic Studies

·      BRICS Studies

·      Business Law

·      Civil Law, Family Law

·      Civil Procedure, Arbitration Procedure

·      Cognitive Studies

·      Complex Systems in Nature and Society

·      Conflict Management

·      Contemporary China: Economics, Politics, Society

·      Criminal Law

·      Developmental Psychology

·      Digital Public Administration

·      Diplomacy of the Russian Federation and Foreign States

·      Educational Psychology

·      Ethnopolitical Processes in Contemporary Russia and World

·      European Studies

·      General and Cognitive Psychology

·      History of International Relations: 20th and 21st Centuries

·      Human Resource Management

·      International Humanitarian Cooperation

·      International Journalism

·      International Private Law

·      International Public Law

·      International Relations in the Post-Soviet Space

·      International Trade and Customs Lawyer

·      Islamic Studies

·      Journalism

·      Legal Protection of Economic Competition

·      Legal Protection of the Subjective Public Rights

·      Legal Regulation of Natural Resource Use

·      Lawyer in the Field of Corporate Labour and Social Relations Management

·      Lawyer in the Field of Criminal Proceedings

·      Lawyer in the Field of Financial Market (Financial Lawyer)

·      Lawyer in the Field of Rulemaking

·      Media Communications

·      Medical and Pharmaceutical Law

·      Mental Health

·      Organisational Psychology and Psychology of Management

·      Pacific Studies

·      Personality Psychology

·      Political Analysis

·      Political Elites and Leadership

·      Political Global Studies

·      Politics and Modern Information Technology

·      Professional Speech Activity in Mass Media

·      Public Relations as Part of International Relations

·      Real-estate Lawyer

·      Russian Region Studies

·      Social Psychology and Political Psychology

·      Social Work

·      Sociology

·      Sociology in Russia and China

·      Sports Lawyer

·      Tax Law

·      World Politics



UG Courses: Specialist Courses: Masters Courses:
·      Applied, Computer and Computational Linguistics (English)

·      Archaeology

·      Chinese Philology

·      Classical Philology (Old Greek and Latin; Ancient Literature)

·      Cross-Linguistic Communication and Translation: English

·      Cross-Linguistic Communication and Translation: German

·      Cross-Linguistic Communication and Translation: French

·      English

·      English Language and Literature

·      Estonian

·      Foreign Languages (Bulgarian, English)

·      Foreign Literatures, English

·      French

·      General and Applied Phonetics

·      German

·      History

·      Indo-Aryan Philology (Hindi and Sanskrit)

·      Italian

·      Japanese Philology (Japanese and Chinese)

·      Jewish Culture

·      Khmer and Thai Philology

·      Languages and Culture of East Africa (Ethiopian Studies)

·      Latvian

·      Modern Greek, Byzantine and Modern Greek Philology

·      Mongolian and Tibetan Philology (Mongolian, Tibetan, and Chinese)

·      Norwegian

·      Ottoman Studies (Languages, History and Culture of the Ottoman Turkey)

·      Philosophy

·      Polish

·      Portuguese

·      Religious Studies

·      Russian as a Foreign Language

·      Russian Philology

·      (Russian Language and Literature)

·      Spanish

·      Swedish

·      Theoretical and Experimental Linguistics

·      (English)

·      Theory and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages and Cultures (German)

·      Theory and Practice of Intercultural Communication (English)


·      Byzantine and Neo-Hellenic Philology

·      Classical Philology and Ancient Greek and Roman Tradition in the World Culture

·      Computer and Applied Linguistics

·      Cultural Linguistics of Great Britain and the USA

·      English Discourse and Variability

·      Ethnological Assessment

·      Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication in Business and Management

·      Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication in Tourism and Excursion Activities

·      Foreign Languages in Bilingual Cultural Space (French and English)

·      Foreign Languages in International Relations Sphere

·      Foreign Languages in Teaching and Communication Practice

·      Foreign Literatures and Cultures

·      General and Applied Phonetics

·      Germany and Eastern Europe in the Context of Cross-language and Cross-cultural Interaction

·      History

·      History and Culture of St Petersburg and Leningrad Region

·      History and Theory of Nations and Issues of Nationalism

·      Innovative Technologies in Translation: French/ Spanish/ Italian (in French/ Spanish/ Italian)

·      Jewish Philosophy

·      Legal Linguistics

·      Legal Translation

·      Linguistic Aspects of Scandinavian and Dutch Studies

·      Linguistics of the English-language Sociopolitical Discourse

·      Linguistic Fundamentals of Editing and Criticism

·      Literary Translation

·      Media Discourse in International Communications: Linguistic, Cultural and Professional Competences

·      Philosophical dialogue between Russia and France

·      Philosophical discourse of modernity: Germany and France

·      Philosophy of Art

·      Practical Philosophy

·      Religious Studies

·      Romance Languages

·      Russia and France in historical and cultural context

·      Russian

·      Russian Language and Russian Culture in the Aspect of Teaching Russian as Foreign Language

·      Russian Literature

·      Simultaneous Translation

·      Slavonic Languages and Literatures

·      Teaching Foreign Languages for Academic and Specific Purposes in Higher Education

·      The Literature of Russia and France: An Alternate Glance

·      Language Testing

·      The Origin of the Modern Western Civilisation

·      Theory and History of Language and European Languages

·      Theory of Teaching Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication

·      Theory, History and Methodology of Translation

·      Translator in the Field of Sciences

·      Translation Theory and Cross-Linguistic Communication



Art and Culture

UG Courses: Specialist Courses: Masters Courses:
·      Academic Singing

·      Applied Art

·      Applied Ethics

·      Environmental Design

·      Graphic Design

·      History of Arts

·      Instrumental Performance: Organ, Harpsichord and Carillon

·      Liberal Arts and Sciences

·      Museology and Conservation of Cultural and Natural Heritage Sites

·      Restoration of Fine and Applied Art Objects

·      The Instrumental Performance Practice: Violin


·      Animated Cartoon Artist

·      Stage and Film Actor

·      Easel Painting


·      Asian and African Cultures (with Asian/African language tuition)

·      Asian and African History (with Asian/African language tuition)

·      Asian and African Languages

·      Asian and African Literatures(with Asian/African language tuition)

·      Asian and African Religions (with Asian/African language tuition)

·      Art Criticism

·      Art Studies (History of Arts)

·      Сulture and art of Modern Europe: Russia, Italy, Hungary

·      Culture of the Caucasian peoples

·      Curatorial Research

·      Environmental Design

·      Graphic Design

·      Historical Performance on Keyboard Musical Instruments

·      Intercultural Education

·      Media Culture

·      Music Criticism

·      Oriental Artistic Culture

·      Politics and International Relations in Asia and Africa (with Asian/African language tuition)

·      Restoration of Fine and Applied Art Objects

·      Supervisory Control at Museums

·      Visual Technology in Museums


Physical Training and Sport

UG Courses:

Physical Training and Sport


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