Yale University

Yale University established in 1701, is a private co-educational institution. Yale University comprises of three major academic components Yale College, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the professional schools.Yale University is indeed well known for the strength of its college, where its 5,200 students learn to lead and serve not only through a strong academic curriculum but also by participation in a host of extracurricular activities, from athletics to community service.

Today, Yale has matured into one of the world’s great universities. Its 11,000 students come from all fifty American states and from 108 countries. The 3,200-member faculty is a richly diverse group of men and women who are leaders in their respective fields.

Campus of Yale University 

Yale University has 2 campuses:

  • Central campus, which is covered with 310 acres stretching from the School of Nursing in downtown New Haven to tree-shaded residential neighborhoods around the Divinity School.
  • West Campus, located 7 miles west of downtown New Haven on 136 acres, was acquired in 2007 and includes 1.6 million square feet of research, office and warehouse space that provides opportunities to enhance the University’s medical and scientific research and other academic programs.

Facilities at Yale University –

  • Libraries
  • Class Rooms
  • Museums
  • Health Services
  • Food and Dining Facility
  • Transportation

Application Process for Yale University –

  • Application Deadline – December 31
  • Score Req. / Eligibility –Either SAT or ACT
  • Deadline for SAT/ACT score acceptance – March 1

Academic Life & Student Life at Yale University –

The student’s faculty ratio is 5:1 for Yale University. Nearly, 5,349 students get enrolled every year here. The academic calendar is semester based. The gender distribution here is 50% male students and 50% female students. The 5 popular majors here are:

  • Political Science and Government, General
  • Economics, General
  • History, General
  • Psychology, General
  • Biology/Biological Sciences, General

Tuition Fees for Yale University –

Tuition fees for Yale University is $42,300.

Information Regarding Graduate Programs at Yale University –

Yale University offers degree programs through various schools such as – School of Management, Law School, School of Medicine and School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Bachelor of Arts in Drama
Bachelor of Science in Biology
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
Masters in Forestry & Environmental Studies
Master of Arts in Music
Bachelors of Architectural Design 
Masters of Nursing
Bachelors of Philosophy
Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering
Master of Law
Doctor of Philosophy in Genetics
Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering
Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science
Bachelors of Economics
Bachelor of Arts in Spanish
Bachelor of Arts in Statistics
Bachelor of Science in Physics & Philosophy
Master of Science in Physics & Philosophy
Master of Arts in Psychiatry
Bachelor of Arts in Psychiatry
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Bachelor of Arts in African American Studies
Master of Arts in African American Studies
PhD in African American Studies
PhD in African Studies
Master of Arts in African Studies
Bachelor of Arts in African Studies
Bachelor of Arts in American Studies
Master of Arts in American Studies
PhD in American Studies


Name : Yale University
Location : PO Box 208234
City : New Haven
State : Connecticut
Country : USA
Contact No : 203 – 432 – 4771
Website : www.yale.edu


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