Interview With Dr.Sunder Ramaswamy- Vice Chancellor, KREA University – Chennai

Dr.Sunder - Vice Chancellor

Krea University's mission is to enable high potential individuals to learn to create positive, catalytic impact ethically, in a dynamic and diverse world.

Krea University offers 3-year residential programmes in BA (Hons) and BSc (Hons). The current list of majors offered under BA (Hons) includes Economics, History, Political Science, Literature and Arts, and Social Studies while the list of majors offered under BSc (Hons) includes Computer Science, Environmental Studies, Life Sciences and Cognitive Sciences, Mathematics, and Physical Sciences.

Krea University’s unique and rigorous paradigm of interwoven learning weaves together intellectual inquiry with experiential learning, liberal arts and sciences with technical and quantitative skills, subject matter expertise with broad based awareness to create well rounded minds that are prepared for a change-driven future.

Krea University has an expanding list of partnerships with international universities. While most of these partnerships are currently under deliberation, Krea University recently formalized its partnership with The Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and Transformative Values at MIT (USA). Many such partnerships will get formalized in the coming months enabling student and faculty exchange as well as collaborative research.

Krea University's two stage admissions process is merit-driven, rigrours and holisitic. Krea is a need-blind institution committed to diversity. Thus, admissions are driven entirely by merit while financial aid is driven entirely by need, ensuring admitted students from all backgrounds are able to afford a Krea education. The first stage is an online application form (available at while the second stage comprises a full-day immersion experience led by a Krea faculty member. The admissions process is the same for Indian as well as international applicants.

Krea University will begin classes for its first student cohort in August 2019. Hence, we do not yet have any alumni, but we are confident that our future graduates will contribute to India and the world positively.

Krea's faculty is drawn from the top universities across the globe. While the faculty are focused on delivering a engaging experience to students in the classroom, they are equally committed to producing world-class research. Krea also has 'professors of practice' who bring their real world experience to the classroom and provide students differing perspectives.

Student well-being is at the centre of Krea’s campus design with a range of amenities for sports, performing arts, yoga, meditation, gardening and cooking. There will also be a dedicated medical and wellness centre that looks after students’ physical and mental health requirements. There will also be dedicated learning centers for writing, quantitative reasoning, ethics, social business etc.

While Krea university is yet to have a graduating cohort, with our expanding list of partnerships with corporate and non-corporate employers, we are confident that Krea's graduates will be the most sought after candidates in the job market.

Krea university offeres generous need-based financial aid that allows meritorious students from diverse backgrounds to afford a Krea education.

Krea is a unique effort aimed to tackle the complex challenges and opportunites presented by the 21st century. The unique paradigm of Interwoven Learning makes Krea unique among its peers. Each major at Krea will be guided by a set of principles which will be interwoven into the curriculum. Through continuous exposure to these principles, students' ability to think holistically will get reiterated and reaffirmed throughout their course of study - making them adaptable and agile for a dynamic world.

As you mentioned, Krea's team comprises some of the finest academic and industry minds of the world who will provide inputs on curriculum, pedagogy and the future of work to ensure that Krea's graduates are well equipped to create positive, catalytic impact in a dynamic and diverse world.

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