Allen Tallentex Exam – 1 lakh 60 thousand students participated

Tallentex 2019 third exam organised by Allen Career Institute was conducted on 28th October 2018 in 15 states of the country.

Director Sh. BrajeshMaheshwari said that this year Tallentex exam for students of Class 5 to 11th (Science) was conducted on three different dates. A total of more than 1 lac 60 thousand students appeared for the Tallentex 2019 exam. On 9th September, the exam was conducted in three cities of Maharashtra, where 7163 students appeared in the exam at 47 examination centres. On 21st October, the exam was performed in 160 cities of 12 states, 88491 students appeared in the exam at 287 examination centres. The last review was held on 28th October in 157 cities of 15 countries in which 65077 students appeared in the exam at 239 examination centres.

Maheshwari said that Tallentex exam had gained popularity at international level. Tallentex 2019 was conducted at an international level for the first time at the capital of Qatar, Doha, where 2337 students gave the examination.

On 28th October 2018, 11972 students from Uttar Pradesh, 8040 students from Bihar, 13846 students from Madhya Pradesh, 1215 from Chattisgarh,  2026 from Jharkhand, 2717 students from Odia, 208 from Assam, 1238 from West Bengal, 2488 from Andhra Pradesh, 9142 from Karnataka, 83 from Kerala, 2001 from Puducherry, 7688 from Telangana,1061 from Telangana and 1352 students from Maharashtra appeared for Tallentex 2019.

Maheshwari told that this year the exam is conducted at more than 450 test centres in more than 300 cities of 25 states of the country. The entire country is divided into 7 zones.

The pattern of the TALLENTEX exam includes multiple choice questions from physics, chemistry, maths, biology, and mental ability. The students shortlisted by the examination will receive prizes of Rs. 1.25 Crore. These students will also get a scholarship up to 90% for the academic session 2019-20. Each topper of class 10th and 11th will receive a cash prize of Rs 2 Lac. 2nd and 3rd rank holders will win cash prizes of Rs 1 Lac each. While the toppers from classes 8th and 9th will be given cash prizes of Rs 1 Lac each. The toppers of classes 5th to 7th shall be rewarded Rs 50,000 each.

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