Bangalore University forges alliance with VTU to digitise paper evaluation

Bangalore University – With the aim of establishing a joint digital valuation centre at Bangalore University’s Jnanabharathi campus, the varsity has allied with Viswesvaraya Technological University (VTU). The project got approved at a meeting recently held by the Bangalore University Syndicate.

Digital Evaluation Centre

The aim of setting up this digital evaluation centre is to cater to the needs of both the varsities in the form of centralising their process and eventually minimising mistakes. As early as 2017, the VTU had done away with the outsourced evaluation process and further developed its niche software, thus helping it to complete its evaluation process successfully and was able to publish the results on time. As per the agreement, the VTU will provide its software for Rs.25 lakh to the Centre.

KR Venugopal, Vice-Chancellor of Bangalore University, said, “We will use the software for evaluating answer-scripts of five-year undergraduate students. If we find the process successful, then we might as well extend it to others too. The Bangalore University will also offer land and building to VTU to set up the digital evaluation process as well as to maintain the confidentiality of the answer-sheets.”

It might be recalled that the Bangalore University faced a lot of criticism for the perennial delay in announcing results and also for anomalies in the evaluation process. What is more, VTU is even contemplating on centralising its evaluation process. According to Venugopal, as of now, the Bangalore University had given the nod to private colleges. Going forward, the varsity is contemplating centralising the process.

Early on October 11-12, 2018, a team of Bangalore University officials visited the VTU campus and got trained with their software and digital process, with the aim of minimising errors, once the digital evaluation process is up and running.

Venugopal said, “We sent 50 personnel for the training in the digital process to the UTV, as they had developed its software for digital evaluation, also, to have trained its staff to conduct the operations smoothly. This staff is going about the job in a hassle-free manner sans any issues, whether regarding scanning papers or regarding announcing the results. Now things are being executed in a time-bound manner, and the best part is that we are doing it in-house compared to the earlier job of outsourcing the work. Now we can maintain the confidentially of the answer papers. As having an in-house evaluation system is always secure, we will not outsource the worm any longer.”

It may also be recalled that the two varsities had taken 4G nod (exclusive permission from Karnataka State Government) for outsourcing the job o scanning answer sheets to private players of their choice) as they lacked neither the where withal nor the human resources to handle that job. Furthermore, the Bangalore University had spent a fortune for this process by outsourcing it to private vendors.

Another official from BU said that now that they were able to use their workforce to scan the answer-sheets now unlike in the past where they were forced to outsource the same to get the evaluation done in time so that they could publish the results too on time. But, that was not to be. The BU was mired in controversy and had been widely criticised for the mismatch in the numbers entered in the website and the evaluated answer scripts.

To put an end to this perennial issue, the BU decided to forge the alliance with the VTU and use the latter’s software to set up a digital evaluation process in place. “That was the reason we wanted to have a fool-proof system in place for the examination office. We will adopt VTU’s software so that it will do all the work in front of us and there is no way anyone can meddle with any process”, Venugopal added.

If the proof of the pudding is in the eating, then BU took the learning experience of VTU into face value and gone ahead with integrating the software in its examination office. After the VTU set up the indigenous software for the digital evaluation process, the number of complaints of delayed announcement of results came down drastically, Prof C Shivaraju, Registrar of the Evaluation, Bangalore University said and added that varsity’s data entry operators and computer section employees were being despatched to VTU for a thorough training. They professionally learned the job and now they will start implementing it.

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