CBSE to conduct internal examination for Class 10 Maths and English in the 2020

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will be holding two-level examinations for Class X mathematics and English papers from 2020 onwards, as per IE report. According to a notice accessed by the daily, a total of 20 marks will be assigned for school-based assessment in each of the examinations, noted the report. To be considered for the Board examinations, students will have to clear the school-based examinations first. Such a system was being followed in some of Class XII subject examinations earlier and now has been extended for Class X Board examinations as well.

The Board, terming the move ‘learner-centric’ said that the need for school-based ‘internal assessments’ is increasing. With this rule being implemented, the regular theory examinations will be held for 80 marks instead of 100 marks. The board has sent the notice to affiliated schools and is likely to be available for the public soon, noted the report.

In mathematics Class X Board examination 2020, students will also have an option of choosing the difficulty level of their mathematics examination. Those who opt for an easier version, however, could not take mathematics as a major subject in higher studies. Citing official circular by the Board last year, the report said that the current mathematics subject will be called mathematics-standard and the easier level will be called mathematics-basic. The same will be introduced from 2020 onwards as well.

Earlier this year, the Board had announced to give marks to students for creative writing. The latest circular is also part of the same process where students are increasingly being discouraged to mug-up the books. Talking to, CBSE spokesperson had said that the move is being implemented to give a boost to ‘conceptual learning and curb cramming’. “Students are habitual of writing answers as written in the textbooks. It is important that they develop their own style of writing and not mere reproduce what the books say. Thus, we have issued instructions to give consideration to students who adopt their own writing style,” CBSE spokesperson told the daily. What is more, the Board held training sessions with teachers and had asked them to give marks to students who write the correct answer and focus less on their mode of expression or language.

Other moves

Among other moves in the same direction, CBSE also made Arts education compulsory for students from Class I to Class XII under which every school will reserve a minimum of two periods per week for art education. All the four main streams fields including arts, such as music, dance, visual arts, and theatre will be included in this period. This year, the CBSE has introduced apps to monitor the examination process. The examination centre locator (ECL) app has been developed to facilitate examinees to locate the centres, and podcast app- ‘CBSE- Shiksha Vani’ where special training audios launched every week to monitor the evaluation process, added the report.

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