Peaceful Environment for exam preparation

A peaceful environment is very important to study especially during exams but the definition of quiet changes from person to person. Every individual has unique choices which are a result of his circumstances. A person who has led most of his life in a joint family will go mad in the entirely of a separate room for himself similarly a person who comes from a nuclear family will go crazy if he has to sit down with three or four cousins during study time.  Some of us find the peace and the quiet of the night very relaxing and helpful in making the brain absorb what it is trying to read whereas some others may find the night scary.

Some people can concentrate better with music on, but I am sure I would enjoy the music and ignore the studies. Thus studying and focus on your studies is a personal choice. There is no general rule, for some, the morning is peaceful while others find the quite of the night suitable to concentrate.

The only definition which should be given to the word “peaceful “ especially concerning preparing for exams is that the surroundings should be free of any unwelcome happenings like fights inside the house, fights among members of the family because these things affect the mind of the student preparing for an exam.He becomes emotionally disturbed and affected, he feels like going and soothing the disturbed souls because they are his near and dear ones.  So a peaceful environment does not necessarily mean entirely but it says that happiness should rule the background to make the atmosphere congenial.

We have had so many cases both in Indian history and even in foreign countries where we have been told that a particular person was so dedicated to studies that he used to study under street lights.  Now can a street ever have the peaceful atmosphere of the kind that we usually understand by the word Peaceful? Definitely not, there would be cars and cycles moving about, there would be people around, there would be mosquitoes and insects and stray dogs and cats everything contradicting the word peaceful, but still these great people found the street lamp quiet enough to make them concentrate and pass the exams with flying colours to become such icons in their later lives.

So we should understand that Peaceful means the feeling of peace when the student is relaxed and can concentrate and study time means the time which the individual finds easier to focus and research place implies that place which is peaceful enough for the student to concentrate. It’s an individual’s choice.

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