studying in Russia

shalu asked 1 year ago

Hi . I am exploring my options of studying in Russia. I would like to know more about the job prospects in Russia.

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adminadmin Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Shalu.
Many students who aspire to study abroad choose a destination based on the quality of the education system and the job prospects. However, job hunting in a foreign land is never easy.Russia is emerging once again as a world power with steady and stable economic growth. Whether you come to study, work or live in Russia, knowing how to speak Russian can add brownie points to your resume. The obvious choice of work option for many internationals is to teach English. It is not only easy to find the job, but is also monetarily very rewarding. Other options include working as a translator or freelancer jobs. Although sounds easy, knowledge of Russian language will prove beneficial for all jobs. Service-related business is thriving in Russia.
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