What is success?

Question and AnswersWhat is success?
somendra asked 1 year ago

According to you ,what is sucess?Write a paragraph

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adminadmin Staff answered 1 year ago

The thing everyone desires and aspire. Its a short little word in the dictionary but a strong meaning hides behind this small word. Success is that truth of life which can never be bitter. Everyone in the universe wants to be successful. Nobody wants to settle being unsuccessful. I mean who wants a life of disgrace and resentment , no one i guess. Even a small kid who doesn’t even knoe the meaning of success works hard for it just because he doesn’t want to fail , because if he fails everybody will dislike him . Poor little creature !!

Nobody in the world is a perfectionist, I repeat nobody. Each one of us have some flaws or the other. Some may excel in a task but others may find it difficult, that doesn’t mean they are some sort of failure, they might be good in some other things. Why can’t people just let other be what they are ? Is it so necessary to be excellent and perfect in whatever we do . We may not like it so we may not opt for it . Why the hell are there so may ifs and buts in that small choice ?

Success is what we achieve when we work hard for it. “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. And so is success , we cannot just get it overnight dreaming. We have to fight for it , struggle for it, work really hard for it.

The sad part it people are not willing to do so. They dont want to wait . They don’t want to fight or struggle. They just want it by using some shortcuts or something , and if they get it does it have a worth ?? I think no. When u work hard for something day and night , going through all tha chaos , only thinking about the aim without giving any second thoughts and the moment when the goal is achieved that particular moment seems incredible and priceless.I mean you have felt the sweet pain of all your hard work and you knoe that this achievement is worth the pain. That is SUCCESS.

Being rich, buying a car , a house , and all the luxuries, it aint the only success people achieve there are things much more to that where we have to be successful. Not only financially but also emotionally and in many other aspects of life .

The real success lies in making a house a home.Making yourself a better human being . What is the success for when you don’t show humanity towards the poor. What is the succes for if you do not have any respect for other people, no love for others. Its all naive. Success doesn’t only lies in achieving your goals . When you have a loving family , caring friends, people have reapect for you , they admire you for what you are , that is what real success is in my opinion.