A lucrative career in Auditing

Auditing is one of the most trending job opportunities available to a commerce graduate. An auditor analyzes, evaluates and reviews the financial accounts or statements and employees of an organization systematically. It may be a government organization or a private company. Everyone employs an auditor to review the financial part of the working of their organization.

Auditors are needed by business houses and organizations to ensure the credibility of their financial statements. As there is a mandatory requirement that all companies registered under the Company Act should audit their accounts each year the demand for auditors is ever increasing. Other businesses and industries which include Financial firms, Corporate firms, Insurance companies, Banking sector, in fact, all professions dealing with investment need auditors.

Courses that can help in getting a career in auditing:

  • Diploma in accounting and auditing
  • Diploma in auditing
  • Postgraduate diploma in auditing and accounting
  • IRCA certificate course.
  • Advanced Executive programming cyber security audit and compliance
  • IRIS certification

Candidates with a degree in accounting and commerce should find auditing a very successful career. Candidates can also do a course in Chartered Accountancy offered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants as a professional course. This institute offers not only a CA course but also several other certificate courses and post qualification course for candidates aspiring for a career in auditing. Auditors give a validity to the income and expenses incurred by an organization. They sort of assure the organization, the investors and the investigating authorities that the financial transactions are genuine and there is no fraud involved. Apart from this they also assure their employers about the fact that their business is doing well or vice versa (this would be called “warn their employer that all is not well with their working”).

An auditor is rightly called an assurer. He by his methods and scientific process analyses the financial aspect of an industry. Much related to the economy of a country as it depends upon the correct analyses and honest report submitted by the auditor to both the owner of the business and the investigating authority so that remedial measures can be taken when needed. Thus, preventing both from any misadventure or loss in business.

The crux of the matter is that much depends on the strong shoulders of an auditor as his reports can make or break a business.

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