Memories Of A School Bell

All of us who have been to school have memories about the school bell. The bell may be a manual one which the peon would ring and announce the getting over of a class and the beginning of another one. It also announced the starting of assembly telling us that we should gather at the hall.

I had changed a lot of schools so where some schools had a big bell which would ring with a bang some schools had small bells attached to a wooden handle and the peon or ayah would walk past the corridors ringing it. Then came, the electronic bell the kind we have as call bells at home. The peon would press the button and let it ring for one minute.

Every bell had certain feelings attached to it.

The morning bell for assembly would have us get ready for assembly making a line and chattering both, and then a short bell told us to keep quiet as the principal was coming.  After assembly we would walk to our classrooms and then a bell would announce the commencement of classes with the teacher walking in.

Another bell telling would ring telling us this class was over and the next teacher would walk in. If the next class was of an interesting subject or teacher it would make us smile otherwise w e would all make faces and a frown would take over our facial expressions..

Thus different bells brought different expressions and feelings.

The bell before a break would see us run out either to the wash rooms or to the drinking water taps. The bell for lunchtime saw us open our lunch boxes and share our food with our friends. The next bell was very unwelcome because it announced that the lunch time was over and we should go back to our classes.

He last bell announcing that the school was over was the best and most welcome.

When the electric bell took over our BIG BELL as we used to call our traditional bell after the name of BIG BEN became silent and would be used only on special occasions .It still hangs there like a museum piece. I remember we used to beg the peon to let us ring that bell because i t was so grand. We also had a bell which was like a big metal plate and required to be banged with a hammer but its use was discontinued after a short span.

Thus all bells during school have different stories to tell and recalling them creates a feeling of nostalgia mingled with sadness. Do you have memories of your school bell? The big iron rod used as a bell hanging in front of principal’s room. We would be happy to hear from you.

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