Photojournalism As A Profession

Photojournalism requires a photographer to travel a lot and take photographs of events which may be news items or which may otherwise tell stories in photographs. News channels and newspapers and also magazines purchase them.

No special training or qualification is needed if you have the knack and the talent but still, there are institutes which have degree courses in photojournalism (Bachelors degree program in photojournalism) here students learn about the methods involved in photography and photojournalism. Being associated with journalism the essentials of training include, reporting, storytelling ( that means connecting events in order and making a story come alive just like a news item) other topics covered in the course are visual editing, magazine designing, visual communication, news designing etc

In case a student cannot enroll in an institute offering these courses he can take major photography and minor journalism as a course. From taking electives that cover editing software programs. One can even take a course in which trains one to edit and color-correct photos as this may help or open up additional employment opportunities.

There are facilities for internships with photojournalists, where practical training can be done. Creating a portfolio to showcase your work is also recommended as this will let the employer have a glimpse of your work, There are a lot of opportunities in the private sector and also includes working in detective agencies or as a freelancer.

The scope for photojournalism has increased fourfold this day to TV news channels and also due to the fact that each channel wants to be ahead of others in “Breaking News “. So instead of waiting to send their journalists to the event or accident, they buy the photos of the incident shot by private photographers.

Apart from this one more important thing is that this saves a lot of money for the channels instead of employing and paying people they pay these private photojournalists who demand less payment than regular employees. In addition, they also provide news and stories immediately from the remotest of areas.

Some of these photojournalists are also regular contributors from the world of the jungles; they take photos of animals and other happenings of wildlife in and also out of wildlife sanctuaries and sell them to magazines for their special editions and even to news channels. Private photojournalists have access to fitting news channels also.

Channels like National Geographic employ photojournalists and pay handsomely. Thus if you have the knack and the talent photojournalism this is a profession full of promises.

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