What is the work of an Advertising Manager

An advertising manager deals with all those jobs which go into selling the product in the market. He develops promotional campaigns (advertisements and slogans). He negotiates with various agencies that deal with the sale of products. Negotiations include the requirements for the display and promotion of the product. He is also required to supervise the employees because they are directly linked with the sale of the product.

The talents or qualifications required for this post are more or less as that for the post of HR because advertisers too must be excellent negotiators but in addition, they should be good copywriters.  (Copywriting is an advertising manager’s core talent exclusive to him. It is an inborn talent and cannot be learned).  Apart from this, he should be well conversant in dealings with consumer demands, he should be able to discuss on the profitability, the budget sales and promotions with his employers.

People who choose to advertise as a career normally come prepared with a Bachelor degree in advertising or journalism or marketing. The basic qualification is excellent communication skills (he should be able to listen, talk and convince his clients). He should be having the skill of making fast decisions and wading through stress full situations where he has to solve business problems and save his company from any debacle. He should have a creative personality the main component of which is the art of convincing people and making adverse situations turn to your own benefit. The ability to manage and supervise his staff is also very important because it is they who are in the direct line of affairs resulting in a smooth function of the business.

As far as salary and job placements are concerned the growth in advertising field is tremendous. With similar products hitting the market and there is cut-throat competition, advertising plays a significant role in the success of a product. Awards are also given to recognize the talents in advertising.

In India, we have the prestigious ABBY awards – they are called ‘India’s Oscars for advertising’. There are big names in the field of advertising like Prahlad Kakkad, Prashoon Joshi, Piyush Pandey, R Balakrishnan, Sam Balsara, Vikram Sakhuja, Arvind Sharma, etc. who icons and well are known internationally.

Thus, once you set your heart on the advertising industry there is no looking back if you are not afraid of hard work.

While still at it I would like to mention one gag which is still in my mind after so many decades. It was a certain product which had a particular model as its face for years. Suddenly one morning we saw that face applying the product of a rival company and the advertisement said: “Recognize who this is and which is the brand “. That said a lot about the face switching over products. Then one fine morning we were surprised on opening the Newspapers to find the same face back with the previous product with advertisement mentioning “The face has come back”.

So, this is all about advertising…

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